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Schedule of
Exhinitions & Installations


10th Feb 6:00pm Geethanjali Artifacts A talk by Dr. Nallam at the opening of 20 Bussy Street "10 years in Pondihcerry" - local life and architecture in photos by Dr. Veeren Koneru

28th Feb 10:00am to 8:30pm Daily timings post the opening 22nd Feb 7:00pm Alliance Francaise Opening of "Incredible Pondy - in images" to 28th Feb 8:30am to 7:00pm 37 Rue Dumas Daily timings post the opening


22nd Feb All Day Eastern wall of IFP “Archive of the Tamil Agrarian History 1650-1950” to 22nd Mar Goubert Avenue by IFP and PondyArt

25th Feb All Day Mairie Building ‘Where is your Pondicherry? – An interactive installation’ 26th Feb All Day Goubert Avenue by Urban Design Collective